Walking Audit with Dan Burden

Dan Burden and Samantha Thomas of BlueZones will lead a walking audit along the Piedmont Road and Roswell Road corridors on January 18th to demonstrate the importance of pedestrian and bicycle facilities and to study opportunities to improve walkability in Buckhead. The walking audit takes place before the Public Concept Workshop on January 19th, and the team will report back with their findings and recommendations at the Workshop. Stay tuned for more information!



Blue Zones Built Environment Approach

Blue Zones Built Environment team—Dan Burden and Samantha Thomas—employ evidence-based best practices to help communities become more walkable, bikeable, social connected and livable, leading to improved community well-being. They take a people-centered approach, serving as catalysts in communities, providing a framework for seeing anew and supporting communities in building informed consent towards a shared action plan.

Dan Burden

Dan Burden, Director of Innovation and Inspiration and national walkability expert, has supported 3,700 communities in taking steps to become more walkable and livable.He is credited with creating the walking audit. He also coined the term and has now helped implement more than 400 “road diets,” around the nation.”  In 2014, the White House honored Dan as a “Champion of Change.” TIME Magazine named Dan “one of the six most important civic innovators of the world,” 2001.

Samantha Thomas

Samantha Thomas, Built Environment Manager, has a broad community design background and manages built environment policy, planning and design projects.  Samantha’s focus and experience is on building happy, healthy and thriving communities, often one street at a time. Samantha’s presentations have been described as, “Clear, Visionary, Insightful, Challenging, Imaginative.”


Photos courtesy of Blue Zones.


3 thoughts on “Walking Audit with Dan Burden

  1. Dan Burden’s talk at Buckhead Redefined in January inspired me. If only he could actually inspired Buckhead. In the February meeting, there was no mention of implementing any of his suggestions. In fact, the reminder of the greater number of businesses compared to respondents, implied that initiatives were not going to actually focus on Livability, Walkability & Breathability.


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