Great feedback at the Public Workshop, but we still want to hear from you!


Thank you to all who attended our very successful public workshop on January 19th! We presented our preliminary ideas for Placemaking and Connectivity in Buckhead and our findings from the Walking Audit led by Dan Burden, and then we asked for your feedback for the second half of the meeting. We heard some great ideas, and we are in the process of reviewing all of the feedback from the workshop, online surveys, and interactive map. See below for pictures from the meeting.

Click here for our presentation from our public workshop, or visit our Presentations page to see each of the presentations we have given to this point. We will upload others as we continue our planning process.

Do you have ideas you need to share with the team? We’d love to hear them! Use our Contact form, add them to the Interactive Map, or submit them below. In addition to these online options, we also have another upcoming Public Meeting on Monday, February 27th, where you can tell us in person!


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