Much has changed since the formulation of Buckhead’s current community plan, including Buckhead’s transformation from a wealthy bedroom community to a thriving urban center that operates on a nearly 24/7 basis. In order to address these changes in Buckhead’s demographics and land use, and to create a plan for maximizing the opportunities they present, five Buckhead organizations – Livable Buckhead, Buckhead Community Improvement District, Buckhead Coalition, Buckhead Business Association and Buckhead Rotary – are partnering on a master plan update dubbed BUCKHEAD REdeFINED. This plan builds upon nearly two decades of success in the Buckhead area.

From the transformation of the Buckhead Village, to the creation and implementation of PATH400, this 2016 update to the original 2001 Livable Center’s Initiative, Buckhead Action Plan, provides an opportunity to return to the heart of successful planning by establishing a clear vision for the future. This process, along with Park over GA 400 and the Lenox Road Corridor Study, seeks to identify the initiatives and implementation strategies that will REdeFINE the next decade of success in Buckhead.

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