Placemaking is the use of design- and activity-based programming to make underutilized “Public” spaces into “living” places. This project considers public spaces and semi-public spaces as “the Places.” Short- and long-term strategies will be considered in our recommendations.





Public Spaces

  • Open/Green Spaces
  • Parks & Plazas
  • Streets
  • Trails & Pedestrian Facilities
  • MARTA Stations

Semi-Public Spaces

  • Parking lots and decks
  • Buffers between developments
  • Plazas adjacent to offices or within office parks


How does Placemaking happen?

Placemaking involves a menu of items in order to make successful urban places. In addition to streets, transit, and bike and pedestrian facilities, each of the subareas in the Buckhead Redefined study will need:

  • Public Space
  • Infill Retail
  • Public Art and Activities
  • Inclusive Housing