Vision & Recommendations

**UPDATE!** Our Vision

We hosted a public meeting on February 27th at the Atlanta International School. Click here to view our presentation that provides more details about our ideas for greater vitality, mobility, and livability in Buckhead!

We want to enhance VITALITY by creating usable public spaces and activating existing spaces to complement current resources and energize Buckhead to become a more vibrant place.

To enhance MOBILITY, the BUCKHEAD REdeFINED suggests expanding connectivity to improve multi-modal access in, around, and throughout Buckhead.

Finally, to improve LIVABILITY, these plans recommend strengthening community bonds with programmatic and policy changes to create a more comfortable, safe, and inclusive district.

Our First Ideas

The BUCKHEAD REdeFINED study area was divided into 6 subareas for detailed Placemaking and Connectivity ideas. The 6 subareas are shown in the map below. Click here to view our preliminary ideas presented at our public open house on January 19, 2017.